| POF Simplex/Zipcord cable


    Applicable to DVDMulti-media Hi-Fi/PC/TVAudio AMPSpeakerGameHUB

        、Digital VCRIP CameraSensorData transmission.

    FTTH / FTTD / LANS networking system.          


    It can reduce the attenuation and improve communication quality and clarity of the images.    
    It can be assembled with Toslink3.5mm Mini PlugHFBRSMA connectors as POF Patch cord.  

    Not being interfered by electromagnet, high stability and sensitivity, low attenuation and wide bandwidth.

        Easy to operate and install.


Fiber Outer SheathOuter Diameter
0.5mm,0.75mm,1.0mm and 2.0mm ( PMMA ) PE、PVC 1.0 mm ~ 7.0 mm

 Various colours of outer jacket and outer diameter are available according to customer demand.