| Flat Twin cable


    It can be directly assembled with connectors as pigtail or patch cord.  
    The link between the communication device and instrument.   
    Multiple tight-buffered fibers can be bundled as distribution cable for indoor wiring.
    The optical fiber cable is designed for indoor vertical and horizontal connections.


    All of sheath materials are RoHS compliance : PVCLSZH ( Low Smoke Zero Halogen )HytrelOFNP etc.
        Both OFNP and OFNR meet UL flame retardant specification.    
    Smaller outer diameter and bend radius in a limited space environments to facilitate construction.
    Easy to strip the coating material.          
    Storage, installation, operationg temperature : -20 ~ +70    


Fiber CountOuter Diameter
( mm )
( g/m )
Mini Bending Radius
Max. Tensile Strength
LoadUnloadShort termLong term
2 3.8 x 7.0 ≦ 16 ≦ 48 ≦ 24 ≦ 500 ≦ 300